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Panzer museum

The Cold War never went hot ... But at Panzermuseum East it’s as close as it gets!!”

“Give your kids a truly fun and memorable day, with historic events from a world order of not so long ago.. Back when grandpa was a longhaired stud, the fashion was bell bottoms & miniskirts, and phones had actual cables- and the world was permanently divided in east&west”

Visit Panzermuseum East, Scandinavia’s largest collection of vehicles, uniforms, equipment etc. from the eastern side of the iron curtain. More than 60 restored and running armoured and specialist vehicles are situated in over 3500 square meters of living displays, all dedicated to the tales of the socialist armies and societies throughout the cold war period of 1945-1991.

Within our museum actionpark, the whole family can enjoy games in dug out trenches & fortifications, struggle with the kids-scaled field obstacle course or ride a fare in the vintage sidecar motorbike. Indoor you can play&learn about basic mechanics through our interactive stations, or experience the little cinema, situated in our enormous vintage passenger plane- whose open cockpit serves as basic training for all the junior pilots!

The surrounding natural park is well suited for outdoors & picnic, and you can always get hot & cold supplies in our atmospheric café “The Bomb”. Starting this season you can also perpetuate your visit with a souvenir form our vast selection of “olive green” memorabilia, toys, models etc. from our new museum store “The Panzer-Magazine”.

Come then and experience how life really was- on the other side of it all. Right here, at Panzermuseum East. 

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