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North Funen's largest town, a Viking town and former station town between Bogense and Odense - and good shopping opportunities!

Visit Otterup and see the Midgard Serpent that winds its way across the market place Torvet, as it fights against the god Thor. The Midgard Serpent is dangerous, but here the children can crawl all over it - if they want to. Today, there are about 5000 citizens in the town. Otterup has been inhabited for thousands of years, however, and here the largest Viking burial ground found on Funen was excavated. Today, the excavation is a residential area. Enjoy a walk on The Green Path on the outskirts of the town.

A large part of the town grew up around the railway Nordfynske Jernbaner that connected Otterup with Odense and Bogense for several decades. The former railway town is a great place to go shopping. Here you’ll find five supermarkets and a lot of shops offering everything from clothes to horse equipment.

Saturdays all summer long, there is a flea market in the town square where you can also enjoy a nice meal at one of the restaurants. Don’t miss the duck pond Otterup Andedam, where you can enjoy ducks, swans, pheasants, silkies and peacocks.

What's going on in Otterup?

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