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Østofte Mill

Located at the highest point in the city, Østofte Mølle is not only a symbol of the past, but also a shining example of preservation and commitment. As one of only 18 surviving stump mills in Denmark, it dates back to 1641 and was in use until 1943.

Explore the interior of Østofte Mill and discover the impressive craftsmanship behind the old millstones and the functional hoist that still bears witness to the mill's busy past.

In the past, Østofte Mill played a crucial role in the area because - along with the church - it served as a natural gathering point for farmers when they came to grind their grain.

With its high location, the mill was also used to signal important events such as deaths or celebrations by changing the angle of the mill's wings.

The mill is open on Mill Day in June and on special occasions.