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Opera at HCC Bådeværft in Marstal

Once a year, you can experience a beautifully staged opera performance in the HCC Bådeværft's large hall at the harbour in Marstal.

Here, a team of talented singers and musicians visit the island and invite you to an unforgettable opera experience. The large hall at the HCC Bådeværft has unique acoustics that make the opera performances very special.

The ambitious and beautifully organised performances are arranged by the local association Ærøs Operavenner in collaboration with the opera company guidOpera, led by royal opera singer Guido Paevatalu.

In addition to the annual opera performance, Ærøs Operavenner organise music tours and various concerts on the island.

This year's performance

Read more about this year's current opera performance on the Ærø Opera Friends website.