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The old National bank - Nykredit

Aarhus got its first bank in 1837, when the National bank placed its branch here.

About 90 years later, when the building got too small, the architect Axel Berg designed a new Nationalbank building in English baroque. It was built in 1924-26. Since then, there has hardly been any changes, except for a minor expansion.
The archaeologists from Moesgaard Museum excavated the site because the Nationalbank building is placed exactly in the middle of the Viking Age village - Aros. They found remains of the bishop's palace from the Middle Ages and rests of the old bishop's palace from the 11. century.
The digging under the building proved that during the Middle Ages Aarhus was a fortification and the area inside the ramparts was almost undeveloped. The Nationalbank moved out of the building in 1989 and about a year later the credit association Nykredit moved in after extensive renovation.