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Ølby Kirke - Køge

The need for a church in the Ølby Lyng area emerged in the 1980s due to population growth in the Højelse parish. After a period of temporary solutions, Ølby Church was inaugurated in 1997 following an extensive process involving the selection of architects and fundraising efforts.

After the huge population growth in the Ølby area in Højelse Parish in the 1950s, and considering the distance to Højelse Church, the thought arose, about 1980, to build a church in the Ølby Lyng area.

In 1984 a site at the new Ølby Center was given as a loan. The Church Foundation lent a provisional wooden church, designed by Jens Fredslund of Erik Møller’s Architecture Firm, which was inaugurated on 20 January 1985. The provisional church functioned on the same terms as the churches of Højelse and Lellinge. It was the idea that the provisional church would show a demand for a permanent church and parish community centre in the area.

In 1988-1992, a newly elected building committee made a tour to study churches and choose architects. A project competition was arranged in 1992 and the suggestions from architects MAA Inger Exner and Professor Johannes Exner became the winners, chosen from five contributors.

On 20 June 1995, it was agreed to build Ølby Church and parish community centre with some cuts in the economy.

The foundation stone was laid on 25 October 1995 and Ølby Church was inaugurated on 2 March 1997. It was possible to carry out the project with the financial cuts of 20 June 1995, with a few changes.

The pulpit was created and donated by master joiner and church conservator Henning Pedersen, Køge. The communion table was made by Staunskjær and Larsen, and donated by the craftsmen. The baptismal bowl and jug were created by Køge Keramik, the altar candlesticks are works by goldsmith Bent Exner, donated by the Carlsen-Lange Foundation.

The new organ with 19 stops was created by organ builder Gunnar Fabricius Husted.