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Norsminde Fjord

The popular small harbor town of Norsminde, located south of Aarhus, is situated at the entrance to one of Denmark's lesser-known fjords. Norsminde Fjord is a wildlife reserve with abundant birdlife. It is possible to take a walk on the southern side of the fjord, and you can also cycle around it or experience it from the water in a kayak.

Wildlife reserve near the harbour town

Norsminde Fjord is a small fjord, measuring three kilometers in length and half a kilometer in width. The fjord connects Rævså (Odder River) with the Kattegat Sea. The entire area surrounding the fjord is a wildlife reserve, home to a large variety of bird species. During migration periods, there can be found 8,000-10,000 resting birds. The nature around the fjord is characterized by hills and coastal cliffs on the northern side of the fjord, and salt marshes, reed forests, and fields to the south. Most of the coastline along the fjord is inaccessible, but it is possible to take a walk on the southern side of the fjord, particularly near the harbour and the dam.


Experience the Fjord on foot, two wheels, or on water

On the southern side of the fjord, you can take a walk that starts from the southern entrance on Kystvejen, opposite Næsvej. A path leads to the Grimsholm area, from where you can cross a dike and continue through Kalvø and out to the area called "Det Herreløse," where the majority of the island's bird population lives. The trip takes about 1.5 hours each way. The paths are not fancy and well-maintained throughout but are beaten tracks, so we recommend wearing rubber boots.

A bike ride around the fjord is also recommended. On the journey, you can follow the roads closest to the fjord. You won't get very close, but in several places, especially on the northern side, you'll have a beautiful view of the fjord. A cycling route of 18.4 kilometers passes through the villages of Kysing, Rude, Nølev, Assedrup, Synnedrup, and Storenor.

The fjord is also popular among kayakers. If you have your own kayak, you can launch it at the Norsminde Kayak Club's launching site on the northern side of the outlet, west of Kystvejen. Members of the kayak club can borrow kayaks. The nearest rental location is Saksild Beach Camping, five kilometers away.

On this digital map, you can see and follow routes for walking, cycling, and kayaking respectively.


Lovely Norsminde

The small harbor town of Norsminde offers a charming maritime atmosphere. At the small marina, there is always life and activity during the summer months, where you can see cheerful holidaymakers and children enjoying a delicious ice cream. Most renowned is the historic inn Norsminde Kro from 1693, which offers exquisite culinary experiences. On the harbour, you will also find Fiskehuset, a shop and fish restaurant. It is recommended to take a walk by the water – either around the peninsula Kysing Næs on the southern side or to Ajstrup Beach on the northern side.

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