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Nexø Havn

Small traffic port, but Bornholm's largest fishing harbour. Visiting boats must use the boat harbour. 40 berths. May be entered day and night, allowancws being made for wind, current and visibility. Compass variation canoccur, and strong current coupled with bad visibility can be dangerous. Nexoe differs from the other harbours on Bornholms DE coast since it is navigable in nearly every wind direction, and only ENE-ly wind can cause difficulty. Svaneke and Dueodde Lighthouses will guide boats in during approach. The harbour's leading lights guide boats in at 232 degrees. To steer in during the day, line up the left edge of Nexoe Church with the right edge of the eastern pier head. The harbour is closed when the following signals are visible: Black ball from the flagpole and 3 vertical red lights on the silo north of the approach. Onahore storms set an outward bound current in the haaarbour entrance of up to 1.5 knots beyond the traffic harbour. Speed limit: 4 knots. Anchoring prohobited during approach.