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The New Little Belt bridge

In 1970, the New Little Belt Bridge took over a large part of the road traffic from the Old Little Belt Bridge, with three motorway lanes in each direction.

Middelfart - The City of Bridges

Welcome to Middelfart, where our two bridges connect the city and create a unique meeting place for visitors.

The modern Lillebæltsbro, built in the years 1965-1970, stands as a symbol of our city's connection to the outside world.

Every year in June, the lawn under the bridge transforms into a stage for Rock under the Bridge, where locals and visitors can enjoy live music in a unique setting.

In addition to musical experiences, you can also visit flea markets, experience circus performances, and much more under the impressive bridge structure.

In 1970, the New Lillebæltsbro took over a large part of the road traffic from the Old Lillebæltsbro, with three highway lanes in each direction.


Length: 1,700 meters
Width: 33.3 meters
Free span: 600 meters
Clearance height: 42 meters

However, the clearance height of the New Lillebæltsbro depends on the Old Lillebæltsbro, which has a clearance height of 33 meters.

The architect of the New Lillebæltsbro (and the Vejlefjordbroen) is Orla Mølgaard-Nielsen. He was originally a cabinetmaker and was trained as an architect in 1940. Together with Peter Hvidt, they designed the New Lillebæltsbro.