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Natural playground at Gram Slot

At the medieval-inspired natural playground at Gram Castle, the little ones can play princes, princesses, knights and Lords on the ramparts and assault ladders.

The natural playground at Gram Castle is inspired by the castles history, and the way castles were constructed during the time of Valdemar Sejr - the first king to own Gram Castle in the 1200s - with a rampart surrounding the keep and a tower, from which to look out for the enemy.

The rampart on the playground is hollow, forming an underground passage, where children and playfull adults can test their courage; only very little lights shines through. Besides the rampart, you can also find embrasures, assault ladders on the rampart, dungeons, swings, a slide and climbing ropes.

The playground lies in the forest by the castle lake with direct access through the underground passages to the forest and shelter-site. In the area you will also find a campfire site as well as tables and benches, where you can take a break and enjoy the surroundings.

The playground at Gram Castle is for everyone who enjoys to play, and it is publicly accessible and free all year around.