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Natur Østbirk

In the hillside area between Horsens and Silkeborg lies this new nature area, which is an ideal destination for green excursions. In this old forest, hiking trails and architect-designed natural attractions, viewpoints, and rest areas have been developed.

The new nature area of Bakkelandet

Natur Østbirk is a new haven in the western part of the town Østbirk. The town's world-renowned company VELUX owns a 30-year-old forest spanning 70,000 square meters, which they have chosen to open up to citizens and guests with new trails and well-thought-out facilities. Follow the paths through the area and around the old ponds or step up to one of the natural attractions and enjoy the view over the area. In Natur Østbirk, better conditions for biodiversity are central, making the area a good framework for animals, humans, and plants.


Natural attractions for relaxation and views

The most distinctive feature of Natur Østbirk is the five beautiful natural attractions scattered around the area. From these, you can enjoy the view, exercise your arms, rest your legs, or simply sit and enjoy the many impressions of nature. For example, the large round moon disk serves excellently as a gathering place for groups. And on a hilltop in the area, mounds in the grass mark the shape of an Iron Age house. Hidden under VELUX buildings, which border Natur Østbirk, traces of an Iron Age village with up to 25 houses have been found. It is possible to see the mounds from the nearby observation tower.


Trees and genes from Caspian forests

Natur Østbirk is located in a 30-year-old forest. Forest clearing and re-excavation of ponds have contributed to creating better conditions for biodiversity. Several different types of trees are found in the area, including trees with genes from Caspian forests. It is expected that these trees will better adapt to climate change and perhaps also be more resistant to new diseases and pests.


Natur Østbirk in VELUX's backyard

Natur Østbirk is privately owned and serves as a backyard to the VELUX Group's campus in Østbirk. Natur Østbirk has been realized by the Employee Foundation of the VKR Group in collaboration with VELUX in Østbirk.

VELUX has ensured that there is free access to the area every day from sunrise to sunset.

At VELUX, you will also find the VELUX Collection - a visitor center that is open on selected days. Groups are welcome to contact VELUX to arrange a visit to the visitor center, where you can see exhibitions about the history of skylights and the company.


Connected to the Nature Path

 The popular hiking and cycling route The Nature Path Horsens-Silkeborg (also known as Bryrupbanestien) winds around Natur Østbirk, making it ideal to combine the two experiences. If you follow Naturstien for a couple of kilometers, you will reach one of Denmark's most popular natural attractions, The Uncovered Bridge.

Østbirk is located in an area with many exciting nature experiences within a short distance. You can find inspiration for other experiences in Bakkelandet on this page.