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Mussel Stay - Tambohus Kro

If you love seafood and nature experiences, then you should try this exclusive mussel stay, which gives you the finest experiences from Jegindø.

Seafood and Nature Experience in a Stay - Mussel Stay

Jegindø is part of the UNESCO Geopark West Jutland. The island boasts rich bird and fish life, and if you're lucky, you may also encounter seals. Moreover, the island is renowned for its exquisite blue mussels, which you'll get to enjoy for your dinner.

On the 15 km long Mussel Route, you'll find several excellent stopping points where you can enjoy your packed lunch. Furthermore, the Mussel Route offers 13 exciting experiences and stories along the way.

As part of the stay, a 2-course dinner with local blue mussels as the main course is, of course, included.

You can read more about the stay itself here: Mussel Stay at Tambohus Kro

About Tambohus Kro

At Tambohus, gastronomic experiences are highly valued with ingredients sourced from local suppliers, where fish is one of their specialties. They are situated in picturesque surroundings, right by Limfjorden.

They offer delightful experiences, providing great taste sensations and relaxation. You can indulge in a cozy inn stay, a delicious gourmet getaway, or a relaxing weekend retreat. They also offer stress-relieving wellness retreats and scenic golf stays.

That's why they also offer hosting for parties and events for up to 150 people, and you'll also find modern meeting and conference facilities here.

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You can learn more about Tambohus Kro and Badehotel and explore their many delightful stays on their website: Tambohus Kro's website.