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Museum Street H.C. Ørstedsgade - Esbjerg

The street is a museum street and a successful example of Esbjerg's City Center project that began in 1993.

The first two houses on the street are No. 9 and 11, both built in 1889. They were back then two family houses with an apartment in the living room and one on the first floor, and of course for families with children.

The later houses were also small and inconspicuous artisan houses and only No. 13 is different, slightly larger and architect-designed, built in 1909. In it lived a family with 12 children.

The proximity to the power plant was to be heard and felt. In a memoir, it is stated that when the turbines were running, it made the tiled stove dance and the porcelain fell off the shelves.

Today, the houses on the street appear renovated and well-kept, and the street lighting and paving have been restored to their original style.