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The museum shop at Sønderskov

The museum shop at Sønderskov is a charming boutique with a specially selected range of gifts and design articles, quality toys with a vintage touch and Sønderskov’s own products.

The shop is furnished with interiors from an old grocery store in Brørup. Here you can always find a special gift or a treat for yourself as well as inspiring historical books.

Own products from Sønderskov
The museum shop also sells hand-forged candlesticks and torch holders from the manor forge, Sønderskovsmedjen. These are quality articles made by our volunteer blacksmiths who invest their soul and sheer force in each object they hammer out.

Our beehives in the manor’s kitchen garden provide various types of honey, which we sell as long as the bees can provide.

The museum shop at Sønderskov also features a wide selection of books on the historical topics covered by the museum as well as local history books from the area and literature on Danish manor houses in general.

Cycling route The Ancient Road Hærvejen 5 km