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Museum shop Merchants House

In 'Den Gamle By' - The Old Town Museum, trade is very much a part of the historical experience. Here you can buy wares which cannot be found anywhere else, and which are bound to make your visit to the museum more interesting and take longer than you expected.

In the shop at the Merchant's House from 1864 the wares include everything from timber and ropes to the finest porcelain. This is where the peasants came to trade their butter and their vegetables.

At the bookshop dating from 1927, you can find a large selection of books, cut-out sheets, and scraps etc. And at Schous Sæbehus, also from 1927, they have Esprit de Valdemar 4711 perfume og Schous washing flakes on the shelves. Schous Sæbehus was the biggest chain store in 1920s' Denmark.

The local mini-supermarket in 1974 always had plenty grocery products on offer. In Den Gamle By's mini-supermarket there are all sorts of wares from that time on display, and you can buy sweets and freshly ground coffee.

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