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The mountain stage on the Mols Bjerge trail

Take Bjergetapen at the Mols Bjerge trail in Djursland and experience an idyllic landscape you'll never forget. The Bjergetape will make you sweat, but the hike is definitely worth it!

The Bjergetapen quality trail is part of the Mols Bjerge trail. The trail is internationally certified by the European Ramblers Association as Leading Quality Trails - Best of Europe.

Information about the trail

Start your tour at the car park at Molsvej 139, Femmøller. The total length of the tour is 19.9 KM and you finish at the same place as you start. The difficulty level is medium to hard, as the trail is in an area with many hills. The trail is therefore not suitable for people with walking difficulties or pushchairs. The entire Mols Bjerge Trail is marked on poles with green signs with arrows and the name Mols Bjerge Trail.

A magical landscape

The trail passes through one of Mols Bjerge National Park's most striking dead ice landscapes. These crevasses were created by glaciers that pushed up from the south around 18,000 years ago and drilled into the land with mighty force. The striking depressions are dead ice holes created by large blocks of ice that broke off the glaciers and were pushed into the ground, where they lay and melted over thousands of years. You'll also come across grazing cattle, horses and sheep.

You are guaranteed to encounter some of Denmark's most beautiful nature along the way.

Pitstop in the mountains

You can stop and eat your packed lunch at one of the many table/bench sets in the countryside. Close to the Mols Bjerge trail you will also find Tremosegård. Tremosegård is ideal for lunch in the green, sheltered from the wind and weather. Tremosegård also has room for many people, several table/bench sets, a primitive toilet, shelter, campfire site and access to drinking water.

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