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Mors & Thy along the Schnappsroute

Take life at a slower pace, hop on your bicycle and experience the Danish landscape at its most beautiful. Feel the wind in your hair, the sun in your eyes and spoil yourself with delicious food and schnapps.

The tour starts on Mors and also ends there after 2 nights in Thy with the North Sea, dune plantations and the Thy National park. Mors and Thy are connected by Vildsundbroen (the Vildsund Bridge) and via ferries at Feggesund and Næssund. The Limfjord both divides and connects the two areas and, as the inhabitants of Mors like to say, the best thing about Thy is the view of Mors.
With views of the fjord and sea, the route also includes many of the Limfjord area’s historic sights, cultural experiences and family-friendly attractions.
The highpoints on the Schnapps Route are ideal places to visit when your legs need a well-earned rest. 

5 days at Inn's and hotels. ½ board. Maps, directions and brochures.
Daylaps 45 - 55 km

4 nights € 530,- per person in double room.

Single room 4 nights € 218,-
Luggage transport (min. 2 pers) € 96,-

TOUR NO. 505