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Monky Tonky the monkey at Lalandia

Monky Tonky from Lalandia is the lively and fun mascot who spreads joy and laughter among guests at Lalandia holiday centres.

With his cheerful face and colourful appearance, Monky Tonky is an icon for children and kids everywhere.

He's a friendly and energetic monkey, always ready to entertain and create unforgettable experiences. Monky Tonky loves meeting new friends, dancing to music and participating in exciting activities with guests.

Monky Tonky is not just a mascot; he also represents the spirit and soul of Lalandia, where fun, play and family-friendly experiences are at the centre. He appears at events, greets guests and creates a magical atmosphere that makes everyone feel welcome and happy.

Whether it's attending one of his fun dance parties, having your photo taken with him or just giving him a high-five, meeting Monky Tonky is always an unforgettable part of your stay at Lalandia. He symbolises the joy of being together, playing and creating memories that last a lifetime.