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Mindesten for faldne soldater

Memorial to the soldiers from Næstved and surrounding areas who fell during the battles for the fatherland in 1848-50 and 1864. The memorial was erected by a local association, ‘The Danish Defence Brothers for Næstved and surrounding areas’, on 14 April 1904.

The memorial was initially located at St. Morten’s Church Square, but in 1967 it was moved to the junction which is associated with the church on Østergade.

In its original form, the memorial stone featured two cannons standing upright, surrounded by a number of cannon balls on the ground. After some debate with the pastor in connection with the relocation of the stone, it was decided to give the cannons and cannonballs to the Guard Hussar Regiment, and today they stand with a memorial at the Grønnegade Barracks.

The memorial stone has been refreshed several times. The first time was in connection with its relocation to Østergade, and sculptor Erik Hemmingsen had the honour of running the operation. Nine years later, in 1986, the stone was restored once again by stonemason Eigil Caspersen, who refreshed the 1758 letters on the stone. The monument was restored once again in connection with the 100th anniversary of its establishment, as well as the 125th anniversary of the Danish Defence Brothers for Næstved and surrounding areas.