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Mindesmærke for teacher M.A.TH. Kann

The memorial stands beside the village pond in Fensmark, and was erected in memory of teacher M. A. TH. Kann.


Teacher M.A.Th. Kann was a new young teacher in 1863, but at the same time he was a great force for the small community in Fensmark Parish.

He was a church singer in Fensmark's Church where he met pastor G.E. Götzsche, and together they saw the possibilities and the idea that people joined together in an association.

They therefore founded Fensmark Sangforening, which is the first information available around.

Then he founded Fensmark sickness fund in 1867, 10 years later he then founded "The Society of Sickness-Benefits Association on Zealand", which was the basis of the memorial stone.

Kann also founded Fensmark Brugsforening in 1875