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MarineEvent Boat and bicycle rental

Marine Event is placed in Karrebæksminde, and in addition to offering various activities on land and sea, you also have the opportunity to rent boats and bicycles.

Bicycle rental

Enø, Karrebæksminde, the inlet, Gavnø and Næstved offer magnificent nature and beautiful surroundings. It can definitely be recommended to experience the beautiful nature by bike, which you can rent at Marine Event. They rent out both regular bikes and electric bikes.

Boat rental

Explore the inlet, sail a trip around Gavnø, through the long canal to Næstved, or just a short getaway on the shallow water with the children, and get a unique nature experience. At Marine Event you have the opportunity to rent dinghies, kayaks and stand up paddle boards.

Dinghy with motor

Become a captain on your own "Jack-Pot" dinghy and experience the beautiful nature from the lake side. The dinghy is equipped with an outboard motor and there is room for up to 5 people, however, a maximum of 450 kg. When you rent the dinghy, you also have the opportunity to sail to Rotteøen (island) and make a short stay here.


You can also rent kayaks, and Marine Event offers rentals of two different types of kayaks. One of them is a family kayak, where two people can sit safely and securely, it is for play, fun and the short trips. The other is a real sea kayak with room for one person. This is good for the slightly longer trips.

Stand up paddle

You can also rent the modern Stand up Paddle. On the calm water in the inlet, it is obvious to try this challenging board, where you stand up while paddeling.


Rental prices on the various items can be found on their website, where you also can read more about the various options and safety around sailing.