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Marielyst Is

If you dream of Falster's best - and largest - homemade Italian ice cream, served in homemade waffles, take a stroll to the main square in Marielyst and visit Marielyst Is.

Marielyst Is is an attraction in itself, just look at the queue outside! Here you can taste familiar and new flavours of Italian ice cream, both as ice cream and sorbet.

As many as 1100 wafers are baked every day during the high season, and the smell spreads across Marielyst Torv and lures all ice cream lovers inside. If you prefer soft ice or a milkshake, this is also possible, and your ice cream can of course be decorated with both ‘guf’ and cream puffs.

Don't forget to come on an empty stomach, because the scoops are big!

During the spring and autumn season, Marielyst Is is open on weekends, while during the summer you can visit Marielyst Is every day.

Check social media for the updated opening hours.