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Malou Benoni Art

Malou Benoni has a gallery at Bårdesø, where she creates art as a play with words, shapes and composition!

The magical abstract

The abstract can capture that which has no fixed form and make it visible, giving it body and life - an energy, a movement or a thought.

Malou Benoni creates semi-abstract works with watercolour, collage, ink and acrylic on paper or canvas. Her paintings are characterised by clear contrasts of dark brushstrokes, ink drawings and figures on light and bright landscapes of watercolour and collage.

"For me, the magic of the abstract is that the abstract expression adapts to the viewer and is thus in perpetual change depending on the mood with which you encounter the image. There must be room to explore. What we experience in art is not necessarily the same, but I hope that my art will speak to you in one way or another."

Opening hours

Visits to the studio by appointment.