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Maanesten (herningCentret)

Maanesten is a Danish jewelry and accessory brand inspired by spirituality and designed with originality. Maanesten is captivated by the magic and wonder of nature, constantly drawing inspiration from the organic shapes and visions of natural surroundings. By selecting the most beautiful, powerful stones in our jewelry, each piece is created to enhance your talents and energies.

Our store in Herningcentret is the latest addition to our 13 other Maanesten stores in Denmark. Maanesten was founded in 2010 by jewelry designer Lotte Callesen and creative director Henrik Callesen. Since then, Maanesten has grown with its own stores in Denmark, Germany, and Norway and has more than 300 retailers. Today, we are more than 30 employees working with everything from design, PR, and marketing to production, as well as over 400 goldsmiths in Jaipur, India, who manufacture our jewelry. We release two major and two smaller jewelry and accessories collections each year.