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Loppen is an alternative concert venue, housed in an old army hall, in Freetown Christiania in Copenhagen. Since 1973 it has welcomed alternative, aggressive, provocative and danceable music.

Starting in the underground local scene, it has over the years started to attract international names and up-and-coming bands. Genres featured are mostly, alternative rock and punk, but also features reggae and hip hop.

The building and interior are bare and rustic and is also home to a flea market, restaurant and art gallery.

See Loppen's concert calendar.
Please note the calendar is only available in Danish.

Non-profit organisation

Loppen is a collective organisation where there is no head person in charge. All decisions about the place and what concerts to showcase are made unanimously during a weekly meeting. The work tied to Loppen is all voluntary and contribute to keeping prices in the bar as low as possible.