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Løkken Bryghus

Løkken Bryghus, located in the city centre and close to the cable car, brews beer according to the old craft traditions. A visit to Løkken Bryghus is a very special experience of the art of brewing beer and gives you a unique insight into the special craftsmanship required to create Løkken Bryghus beer.

Brewmaster Kent Boalth has a hand in the whole process, from the careful selection of the finest malts and hops to the brewing and taping of bottles or jars. Løkken Bryghus brews with organic malt, which is grown only 12 km from the brewery.

The brewery is the place where vacationers, summer house owners, vacationers and other well-wishers meet to taste, evaluate and enjoy the different types of beer in a cosy and relaxing environment. This is where we present different beers on taps. Our beers are carefully tailored to a wide range of tastes. we have a wide assortment of both flavors and strengths. Here's something for everyone. We look forward to welcoming all our lovely guests.

Welcome inside for a great beer experience. Experience Løkken Bryghus from the inside of our cosy brewery.