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Langeland in colour

From 26/3: Experience the exhibition "Langeland in Colour" at Langelands Museum

From black and white to vibrant colours

"Langeland in Colour" is a unique exhibition that merges the black and white images of the past with modern colouring technology. At Langelands Museum and in the Langeland archives, there is a wealth of historical photographs that tell the island's rich history through visual moments. In this exhibition, a selection of these images have been carefully chosen to be coloured using advanced artificial intelligence.

Not human hands, but an advanced computer has been responsible for colouring each image. This means that the colours are not always perfect, but often come close to reality. "Langeland in Colour" is a fascinating attempt to combine modern technology and historical photographs to give us a new perspective on life on Langeland through the ages.

Some of the subjects are still recognisable today, while others have undergone changes or disappeared altogether. Either way, life on Langeland, like everywhere else, was far from black and white. The exhibition invites you to dive into the past and experience the island's history in living colour.