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Langeland Bibliotek

As a foreigner it is possible to borrow books, board games and films at the library.

Countless experiences are hidden in the library

At Langeland Library, you can go exploring in the cozy children's corner, where there are dress-up clothes and fun activities.

During the school holidays there is a creative workshop and in the autumn holidays the program is at the Children's Culture Festival with theater and other events for children and young people.

Here you will also find other things for indoor enjoyment - board games, films and music.

Or relax in the reading corner, where you will find current magazines and newspapers.

Everyone can borrow

Regardless of where in the country you come from, you can borrow at Langeland Library - and even take the books home if you didn't finish. However, remember to hand them in well in advance at your local library, as it will take a few days before Langeland Library receives them again.

Langeland Library offers:

Book a Librarian, Copy, Scan and Print, IT Help for Business, Job Description, Daily Newspapers, Online Access, Reading Circle and Audiovisual and much more. The library is closed on public holidays.

You can enter the library in Rudkøbing every day at. 7 to 22. When staff are not present, you can use the self-service enter. It is what we call the open library. Just scan your health card in the card reader to the left of the front door to enter.

Foreign visitors can obtain a guest card at Novasol next door or the Visitors Center in Østergade.

The library is registered BIKE FRIENDS In the library's manned opening hours.