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LaMa Glas: Handmade Glass Art and Creative Workshops in Holløselund near Vejby

LaMa Glas is a unique glassblowing studio in Holløselund near Vejby, where the experienced glass artist Laura Madsen creates exceptional artwork. With a passion for glassblowing that dates back to her childhood and experience at prestigious glass studios worldwide, Laura offers a magical experience of creativity and artistic expression. Visitors can admire the unique handmade glass pieces and try their hand at glassblowing through various workshops.

Experience the magic at LaMa Glas

LaMa Glas is the place where creativity and artistic passion come together. Laura Madsen has been fascinated by glassblowing since childhood. This fascination has taken her worldwide and back to her cosy studio in Holløselund.

World-Class Art and Craftsmanship

With many years of experience and education from renowned glass studios and schools worldwide, including Murano in Venice and Glasskolan in Orrefors, an international dimension is brought to the works at LaMa Glas. After a stay in the Maldives, where Laura worked for Soneva Art and Glass, her works have been exhibited in prestigious galleries from New York to Hjørring.

Handmade and unique artwork

LaMa Glas creates functional glass but has also expanded its repertoire to include more sculptural glass. Each piece of glass is unique and reflects the energy and passion in the creation process. When a piece of art from LaMa Glas is purchased, a part of the artistic journey follows.

An unforgettable experience

At LaMa Glas, you can experience the magic of glassblowing up close and see the orange-coloured glass mass transform into a work of art. However, glassblowing is not always happening in the workshop. It is also possible to try glassblowing through teambuilding and workshops, where participants can create their glass pieces. These activities must be arranged in advance.

Visit LaMa Glas

LaMa Glas in Holløselund offers an inspiring atmosphere in the workshop. Visitors can be inspired by the beauty of glassblowing art. Laura looks forward to welcoming you and sharing her passion for glass.