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The lakes on North Als

Four walking tours on North Als, who combined will lead you through a part of Naturpark Nordals.

Nordborg Lake (approx. 7.5 km)
Offers a beautiful walking tour around the long lake. You will pass a viewpoint on the way, from where you can look over the fields to the castle. Where the path follows the waterside, you have a beautiful view over the water at the birdlife.

Gammeldam (approx. 2 km)
A quick tour around the lake, which is rich on birdlife.

Oldenor (approx. 4,5 km)
The area, which used to be drained and cultivated, was set under water in 1993 and today you will find a bird’s paradise here. The tour leads you through a hilly landscape, where you get a significant impression of how the glaziers of the Ice Age formed the earth.

E´Govl (approx. 1 km)
This stretch offers a short cut between Oldenor and Mjels Lake, here you follow the coastal line of Mjels Vig and can enjoy the view over the scenic little bay.

Mjels Lake (approx. 4 km)
This area also used to be drained and cultivated. The pump house is still standing and used as an information site with table-benches and an view platform on the upper floor, with information tablets of the birds on an around the lake. A lovely recreational area, where the European See-eagle like to swing by to catch a fish!

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