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In the heart of Løkken you will find Lækkeriet - a small, cozy specialty store.

Lækkeriet is a shop where Danish specialties and crafts are united in a universe of delicacies and gift inspiration. Their assortment offers a wealth of Danish specialties from handmade luxury chocolate, to light dishes, and tasteful accessories for both cheese and meat.

You will also find spirits and fine Danish wines on the shelves.

Our specialty is creating the most beautiful gift baskets, filled with carefully selected treats and unique artwork whether it's for a birthday, anniversary or a special occasion, their gift baskets are designed to delight every recipient.

At Lækkeriet, personal service is highly valued and the shop has a warm and welcoming atmosphere where you as a customer feel welcome and appreciated.

Lene and Bodil are always ready to help you find the perfect gift or guide you through our treasure trove of Danish specialties and handicrafts. Visit and join a tasteful journey through Denmark's culinary delights and beautiful Danish handicrafts.