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Ladby Viking Museum

Visit the monument that tells the story of a mysterious Viking King buried in Denmark’s only known Viking Ship grave.

Visit the Ladby Viking Museum
In the center of the Denmark on the historical island of Fyn lies a peculiar monument which tells the story of a mysterious Viking King buried in Denmark’s only known Viking Ship grave, more than a 1,000 years ago. By Kerteminde Fjord, you can step inside the royal Viking ship grave and
experience firsthand the atmosphere of the heathen burial, designed to carry the king and all his possessions to Odins Valhalla. The Ladby Viking
Museum is an attraction of international renown, but is a small and intimate countryside museum. The visit offers the unique experience of seeing the
Viking ship grave in the ancient surrounding landscapes combined with a visit to the museum’s exhibitions, where the story of the Viking king is unfolded
through original archaeological artefacts. Finish of in the well stocked and cozy museum shop, the museum is sure to provide a memorable Viking

Add on
The museum offers either On-Your-Own-Visits or Guided visits (with an English speaking guide). Duration of both visits are 2 hours, including time for
shopping. You can also taste the museum’s own brand of Vikingmead in the museum shop - only on closing days. Duration: 10 minutes.

Fun fact
The Viking Museum Ladby is a museum for Denmark’s only known Viking ship grave so far. Here is the story of the ship’s grave from around age 925 AD,
where a Viking king was buried in his magnificent Viking ship with rich and beautiful burial gifts – a funeral fit for a king.

Special operating notes
Booking must be completed via e-mail a minimum of 20 days before and cancellation is required no more than 5 days before arrival. Minimum amount of
visitors: 25 people, Maximum amount of people on their own: 100 people/ hour. Maximum amount of people on guided tours/hour: 75 people in 3


  • Duration: 1-1 1/2 hours for guided tours.
  • Guided tour: Yes
  • Headsets: None
  • Photo stops: along the tour
  • Meal/refreshments: None included, but can be added

Time table for cruises

  • 00.00 – 00.30: Departure from cruise pier by bus
  • 00.30 – 02.00: Guided Tour at the museum
  • 02.30: Arrival at cruise pier by bus

Add-on: Viking-mead tasting: additional 00.10.