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Købkes City Trail in Viborg

Take a long walk along Købkes City trail in Viborg and enjoy the fresh air and not least the view of Viborg city.

Along the way on the certified quality trail, you will pass fine gorges down towards Nørresø, and there are several fine views of Viborg town that you can enjoy. Part of the area you pass by was owned by the Købke family, hence the name of the trail.

Information about the trail

Start your walk at the car park at Søbakken no. 2. From here you can walk the 4.1 KM long route and finish at the same place you started. The difficulty level of the trail is moderate. The trail can be travelled all year round and the trail can be walked in both directions, but it seems most obvious to walk it clockwise. The vast majority of the trail is tarmac or gravel. The path is not suitable for prams and similar. There is an information board at the start and quality signs at several points along the way.

There is a packed lunch centre and toilet in Granada, and there is a toilet at Nørresø near the end of the trail.

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