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Knud Spisehus - Unique gastronomy and meetings at the waterfront in Hundested

Located at the waterfront in Hundested, Knud Spisehus is situated in the old fish auction. With 700 m2 under the roof, facing the harbour, Knud is a vibrant blend of a restaurant with open kitchens, a meeting place with many possibilities, and a gallery showcasing contemporary art.

Raw and authentic in Hundested. Knud Spisehus - indeed, a huge house.

Knud is open all year round - every day, and in the summer, Knud's heart also beats for a large terrace area.

Rooms and facilities

Knud can morph in many ways - for parties, meetings, and lunches.

  • 3 rooms - 20, 60, and 70 people
  • Modern IT, AV, and sound.
  • Gastronomy... well, the chefs are skilled - and there is a lot of fish on the menu

Sleep well

Since Halsnæs set sail in 2007, Hundested is closer to New York than Copenhagen. So, you can reach Hundested by car, train, bus, and ferry, and accommodation can be found locally at the Harbour Inn or Lynæs Hotel.

Knud is a coastal dining house with a pragmatic focus on the surrounding ingredients. Fish, seafood, and local vegetables feature prominently on the menus, as does the experience of being near the water. It's also a playground, and there are plenty of hooks in the entrance where you can hang your coat before rolling up your sleeves.

The very special

Hundested is a metropolis. A small metropolis. It's not about the population size - it's about the attitude. In Hundested, people are accustomed to pointing towards new horizons, rather than focusing on themselves. Hundested is fishing, harbour, and tourism in a melting pot. Family reunification is something that has been practised here for centuries. There was nothing else to do if you found your partner in Bornholm.

So, there's plenty of room in Hundested. And you know it immediately when you turn off your Tesla's air conditioning and let the scent of freshly smoked salmon from Lakserøgeriet fill the air instead. When you get off the train and can hear the harbour's people hammering rust, or when the bus stops you have to step over a couple of fish crates to reach your pan-fried turbot fillet with local mushrooms in riesling sauce.

Utilize the surroundings

Set sail with your guests for laser tag in the Sandskulptur Park 'after dark,' or take a brisk walk to Knud Rasmussen's House and onwards to Kikhavn, and you'll both be well-bonded and have fresh air for the mind. Hundested Harbor can also tempt with beer tasting or a tour around the harbour with one of the harbour's volunteer guides.

So just Knud

There's nothing like Hundested - and there's nothing like Knud - and that's why three buses with 50 people each can park right outside.

Heard at the door: It's a strange place - but the lobster is damn good.