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The Kneeling Boy

One of Astrids Noack's many statues.

Kneeling Boy is a gift to Holstebro Municipality from the National Arts Foundation. The sculpture, made of bronze, is 82 cm high. The title Killing Boy is really misleading. For he does not kneel. Actually, the boy sits on his knees. The sculpture is from 1942 and erected at Store Torv in 1966. In December 1986 it was moved to Bisgårdsgade, but since then he has been moved to his current location at the Jobcenter.

Like all of Astrid Noack's sculptures, the figure has a great dignity. Astrid Noack's sculpture "Kneeling Boy", now kneeling on Skt. Jørgens Bakke at the job center. There was a crack at the back of the sculpture, which was repaired by Leif Jensen's Bronze Foundry in Bagswaard, which is Denmark's leader in the field.

Astrid Noack's bronze statue of the famous Skagen painter Anna Ancher made in 1938-193 stands in front of the common entrance to the Holstebro Museum and Holstebro Art Museum. The sculpture is meant as a tribute from one woman to another. They both found inspiration in the reality around them.

Astrid Noack is a remarkable artist who found inspiration from Romanesque, Egyptian, Gothic, Greek and Archaic art. In particular, Astrid Noack shows children and women with very simple positions and instruments.

The figure "Standing Woman" was canonized in 2006. Holstebro Art Museum owns a bronze version of the work and some plaster models in original form.