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Kettinge Mill

Eskilstrup Mill is first and foremost known as the best flea market in the region. Here you can buy everything from fixtures and furniture to books and second-hand bicycles, and of course, admission is free.

Kettinge Mølle is one of the many Dutch mills where the cap at the top turns according to the wind. The mill was built in 1891 and was so large and modern at the time that a cart could be driven underneath. From here, the grain sacks could be hoisted up so that the grain no longer had to be carried on the miller's back.

Inside the mill were two grinders and a sieve, and the large mill wings with a diameter of almost 20 metres ground grain using pure wind power until 1924. A new young miller took over and an electric motor was installed that could grind grain on windless days. In windy weather, however, everything was as in the old days, and the wind pulled the mill wings.

Today, Kettinge Møllelaug runs and maintains the mill. Among other things, they have ensured that the mill is maintained, restored and that it got new blades in 2011.

The mill is only open one day a year, on National Mill Day, which is the 3rd Sunday in June. However, it can be arranged to visit the inside of the mill on other days by contacting the staff.