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Karrebæk Fjord Design

Karrebæk Fjord Design is an active workshop, in which you can meet Ebbe and Ingelise. We work with furnace-formed glass, make jewelry from natural materials - among other things silver, amber and stone -, which we grind ourselves.

You can surely find an interesting stone during your holiday stay, and have us work with it, so that you can then take a beautiful memory of Karrebæksminde home with you, or you can make a children's drawing into glass.

For information about the different activities during the summer, please visit us online.

With our diamond drill, we can now bore holes in stone and so offer the following:
- Oil lamps
- Natural stone teapot warmer
- Stone candlestick with metal netting
- Gemstone
Drinking glass repair: nicks polished away, so that the glass can again be placed on the table.

Find an interesting stone the size of a fist and preferrably with a flat surface, on which the stone can stand alone. Bring the stone to us and for DKr. 40, - , we will bore a hole for a teapot warmer -- your completely personal souvenir or beautiful gift.