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Karin Lykke

Nature is calling
Visual artist Karin Lykke paints with great love for nature. Sensitive and powerful at the same time, preferably in liquid color pigments - and preferably in large formats. The sky, sea, mountains, birds, freedom, strength and vulnerability speak to her brushes and tools. There is a message she wants to pass on.

The joy of nature has always been there. From when she set off on horseback or cross-country skiing in southern Zealand, when she discovered Nordic landscapes in Lofoten as a child, to today, when she lives in scenic Odsherred.

A different kind of beauty
If you expect to find idyllic, light green beech trees and yellow rapeseed fields in Karin Lykke's works, you are looking in vain. She is not looking for the superficially beautiful, but for a different kind of beauty and eye candy in strokes and structures. For example, in grandiose landscapes or zoomed in on feathers, insects and eggshells as well as the ephemeral in dead animals and plants in fascinating decay.