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Kagmandtours - Tønder

Guided tour with Kagmanden in Tønder

The tour starts with the story of what and who the Cake Man is, so you quickly understand that it is not a typo and it has nothing to do with cake.


Kagmanden's tours take place in most of Downtown Tønder, the part of the city that was within the city gates from 1040 - 1863. Along the way, he tells about some of the city's houses and streets, as well as some of the nice and not-so-nice stories about the people who lived in them. You get an insight into the city's beginnings in 1050 and history up to the present day.


“Floods, fires, diseases, wars and other disasters I also have to spend some time on. But nothing is so bad that it is not good for something else, so there is room for laughter and reflection. "


The tours start at the statue on Torvet.

The tours take place in Danish. They take 1½ hours. It costs DKK 50/person.