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Jonah Blacksmith - Film concert

Saturday March 29 2025 at 8.00 PM.

Audiences can expect an intense and captivating experience beyond the ordinary when the exceptionally successful seven-member band Jonah Blacksmith from Thy visits Herning in 2025. The concert is a so-called live film concert, which in a life-affirming and heart-wrenching way alternates between being a documentary about people, origins, and dreams on one hand, and a hand-played live concert on the other.

In this tension field, the band's songs gain a resonance of lived life, just as the concert form is simply a tribute to community, togetherness, and the joy of playing together. The audience can look forward to an exciting and alternative take on an audio-visual experience that aims to do more than just entertain.

- The film concert means something very special to us. It's our passion, and we believe that the film, hand in hand with the songs, can touch something in all of us. We are proud to be able to talk about the things that have shaped us, about family, about those we love, and not least about daring to share the fear of losing each other and ourselves as humans, state the brothers and frontmen Simon and Thomas Alstrup, continuing:

- The opportunity to play two extra live film concerts in the mighty Jyske Bank Boxen and Royal Arena is frankly overwhelming - even for a bunch of people from Thy. We are incredibly excited and dare promise that with a ticket to one of the two concerts, one can expect something that will break all boundaries for what we have offered so far.