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John's Turist & Minibusser

John’s Turistfart (coach hire)
Travelling by bus is easy and enjoyable. The comfort is first-class, with plenty of legroom and peace to talk, laugh and read while being driven right to your destination without having to worry about transport from train stations and airports.

John's Turistfart organises coach tours in Denmark and throughout Europe in completely modern buses. We have all sizes up to 71 persons.

One of our specialities is one-day excursions to events in Copenhagen and other Danish cities.

We also organise trips for groups, clubs etc. to such destinations as Poland and naturally, we can arrange for a Danish/Polish speaking driver or guide for the trip.
Contact us and hear more about a stay in a luxury hotel in Stettin, Krakow, Poznan or other Polish cities.

Remember to check out our travel schedule to read more about our other destinations as well as special needs services.