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Jeppe Larsen: Parti fra Fyns Hoved

As the grandson of Johannes Larsen, the artist Jeppe Larsen grew up in Kerteminde’s art environment. He inherited his grandfather’s eyes and love for nature in Kerteminde and was deeply committed to preserving Kerteminde’s city and environment.

Naturally, he has also been to Funen’s Head to experience the special nature over there. The painting is, like many of the previous paintings, from headland Korsøre. Larsen has looked east over the beach lake Pugesø, a shallow area in constant change. Here, he painted the vegetation of the wetland with all its warm yellow, red and green colors, which shoot in and out between the surrounding blue water. Above, a high, at once threatening, and illuminated sky rises with clouds forming amazing patterns in colors ranging from purple to light yellow and only a few places allow a blue sky to see through.

The area is right next to the small marina, but if you try to recognize the area by comparing the small beach lake on Jeppe Larsen’s painting to the actual place today, you are looking in vain. It is a wetland where the boundary between water and land is hazy and constantly changing. From month to month, depending on the season and rainfall, the small lakes occur and disappear. However, you can still find the headland and Langø, which is seen on the background. The triangle mark on the left side of the painting is also still in place, in Korsøre.