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Hverrestrup Hills

Not far from Aalestrup, you'll find Hverrestrup Hills, offering fantastic nature experiences for the whole family.

The hike up to the protected Hverrestrup Hills follows a field boundary before reaching the hills, offering a magnificent view of the surrounding area. Hverrestrup Hills are elevated high above the surrounding landscape, featuring approximately 40 burial mounds, with the highest point being Bavnehøj at 75 meters above sea level. Around 30 hectares of the ridge were protected in 1934 to safeguard the beautiful heath-covered landscape and its prehistoric values from development, while also ensuring public access to these assets.

The area around Hverrestrup Hills is a mix of heathland, meadows, deciduous forest, and marshland, providing diverse opportunities for various plant species, as well as supporting a range of wildlife, such as agile frogs.

There is a trail at Hverrestrup Hills known as the 'Track at Hverrestrup Hills.' Along this route, you'll circumnavigate Hverrestrup Hills, encountering various points of interest along the way.

You can see the standing stones, which are inscribed memorial stones dating back to the Bronze Age and early Iron Age, serving as precursors to runestones.

'Røverstuen' is a bowl-shaped depression, representing a glacial pothole from the Ice Age. Such formations are characteristic of the area, which is a terminal moraine region formed at the end of the last ice age. The name derives from highway robbers who frequented the spot several hundred years ago.