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Holmegaard Outdoor

At Holmegaard Outdoor, there are numerous different activities. Set off to explore the historical Holmegaard Værk and Holmegaard Mose, hunt for time-travelling Stone Age animals in the 'Beast Hunt' game, or experience the 12-meter high art installation 'Modtager'.

On the edge of Holmegaard Værk, you'll find the idyllic Glass City and the scenic Holmegaard Mose. Both embrace a wealth of stories and narratives about everything from early settlements to myths about bog creatures, archaeological discoveries, peat extraction and much more.

Podcast Routes

Holmegaard Outdoor offers five fascinating podcast routes, where culture, nature, and history merge to give you a complete experience. On these routes, you'll hear stories about myths, archaeological discoveries, and peat extraction while you move around the beautiful Holmegaard Mose.

Art Installation by Bjørn Magnussen

When you visit Holmegaard Outdoor, you will also have the opportunity to see a new art installation by the acclaimed artist Bjørn Magnussen. His sculpture 'Modtager' is 12 meters high and symbolises the power of intuition. The installation invites you to personal reflection in the bog.

Interactive Stone Age Hunt

If you're looking for a more interactive experience, you can get your hands on the exciting game 'Beast Hunt'. In this game, participants must track and battle Stone Age animals using advanced GPS technology on their phones. See if you can locate the six different animals that have become aggressive due to a shift in time and location, and send them back to the Stone Age!