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Hølken Beach

The Odder Coast offers many beautiful sandy beaches. This family-friendly beach with a bathing flag and a bathing bridge is located at the Hygge Strand Camping site, providing excellent facilities.

Lovely Beach Between Hou and Saksild

A few kilometers north of Hou, this beach stretches along the calm waters of the Kattegat. While this pocket of the Odder Coast doesn't have an exceptionally wide beach, it boasts all the facilities and amenities one could desire. It is conveniently situated near the Hygge Strand Camping site, which offers a kiosk and other amenities accessible not only to campsite guests. There is parking available, public toilets, a handicap-accessible toilet, a bathing bridge, boat ramps, and excellent conditions for swimming and play.


The White Bathing Flag

Hølken Beach proudly flies a white flag adorned with the maximum three stars, ensuring clean bathing water and excellent conditions on the beach. Regular water quality samples are taken, and in the area, you can find life-saving equipment, a defibrillator, and information boards.

The shallow, calm water makes the beach particularly suitable for families with children. It's easy to keep an eye on the kids, and you can also purchase ice cream, candy, or cold drinks at the kiosk.


Stay overnight by the beach

If you'd like to extend your beach trip and combine it with an overnight stay, Hygge Strand Camping offers accommodation for every taste – even for those without their own caravan. The campsite features holiday apartments with sea views, known as SEAsuites, and also offers the rental of cozy wooden cabins.

Additionally, by the beach, there is a shelter area with a nice large communal fire hut.


Take a Walk on the Coastal Path

The Coastal Path at Hou is a hiking route that connects Hou with Hølken Beach. The route is designed as a circular path, where one way follows the coast with a sea view all the way, and the other way takes you inland and through the town of Hou. It is recommended to take a walk to Hou along the beautiful coastal route. It's just over three kilometers from Hølken Beach to Hou Harbour. The entire route is 10 kilometers.

You can learn more about Hou on this page.

If you choose to go in the other direction, you will reach a beautiful stretch of beach towards East Jutland's best beach, Saksild. Saksild has shops, eateries, and a lifeguard tower. Read more about Saksild here.