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Holidays and accommodation at Naturdestination Skovsgaard - Påøgård

A holiday at Skovsgaard is a beach holiday, holiday home holiday, nature holiday, farm holiday and culinary holiday.

Påøgård - room for 12 people

Book one of the historic and unique farmhouses and get close to nature. With up to 12 beds, Påøgaard is the perfect holiday destination for the whole family.

The first thing you see when you arrive at Påøgården is the beautiful view from the courtyard over Skovsgaard's protected meadows, which look just as they did in the early 1900s. Today, Skovsgaard Estate's animals graze in the meadows and geese fly in every day.

Påøgård is located just a few hundred metres from the beach, in the middle of nature and a few kilometres from Skovsgaard's main buildings and with a long distance to the nearest neighbour. So here you get an undisturbed combined beach, nature and farm holiday.

The house has four bedrooms, a large living room, large kitchen, utility room and bathroom. The kitchen is well-equipped and the house has a washing machine and a small chest freezer.

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