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Hjerting Badehotel near Esbjerg

Hjerting Badehotel is a first class hotel - only 9 km from the centre of Esbjerg - situated right down to the Wadden Sea and a child friendly beach.

The sublime location at Hjerting Beach makes Hjerting Badehotel blend in with its surroundings. The majority of our rooms have a fantastic view of the Wadden Sea. Regardless of whether you stay in a standard room, a beach room, a suite or in one of our houses, you feel Hjerting Badehotel's close environment of beach, forest and sea; the interior is light and warm with natural materials and maritime finesse.

In our kitchen, we start from the environment we find ourselves in, in the form of local ingredients, classic compositions and a few touches – to this, of course, seasoned with a little personal attitude. We have a fondness for the primitive and natural approach to dining, where ingredients are local, and food is something you share, you want to leave an imprint on the plate. When the guest recognizes local ingredients and tastes, it can start a good conversation across the table, and it helps to enhance the experience.

You can book your next stay at Hjerting Badehotel directly on our website hjertingbadehotel.dk