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On Hjarnø, plenty of fresh high-quality island vegetables are produced. During the season, you have the opportunity to buy a selection of fresh vegetables on the island or purchase a box full of vegetables and have it delivered to the mainland.

Fresh Danish island vegetables

Close to the mainland in Horsens Fjord lies the island of Hjarnø, which has proud traditions of food production. Hjarnøkassen is a family-run business that produces a variety of different vegetables. As a visitor to the island, you have the opportunity to buy fresh vegetables to take home – and it's arguably the most authentic souvenir you can bring back from your visit.


Vegetables in production

Hjarnøkassen's selection of vegetables is extensive and caters to all tastes and seasons. The assortment includes over 10 types of cabbage, various types of onions and root vegetables, squash, spaghetti squash, pumpkins, peas, strawberries, cucumbers, and tomatoes.

Additionally, Hjarnøkassen also has a large production of quinoa, which can also be purchased during the season. Depending on the weather, the season starts in early June and ends in October/November. However, quinoa can be ordered year-round.


Get cabbage and greens delivered to the mainland

Hjarnøkassen translates into "The Hjarnø box" because it is possible to order boxes filled with fresh vegetables and have them delivered to your home, summer house, or wherever you may be.

The boxes contain a good mix of fresh seasonal vegetables. The precise contents of the box depend on the weather, but will be described when ordering. During the season, it's also possible to add quinoa to the box.

In addition to Hjarnøkassen's own vegetables, the box may also contain potatoes from Hjarnø Kartofler.

Hjarnøkassen offers delivery to the entire Juelsminde Peninsula as well as Horsens. You can order the Hjarnøkassen box on this page.


Buy vegetables on Hjarnø

Approximately halfway along Hovedvejen on Hjarnø (Hovedvejen 33), at Hjarnø Minigolf, there is a roadside stall from Hjarnøkassen with a selection of fresh vegetables. Here, you can buy vegetables as well as quinoa and berries individually and are not obligated to buy a large box. At this address, it's also possible to find the owners for a chat about production and local vegetables. And why not play a game of miniature golf while you are there? 

Do you have a specific product you want to buy and take home? You're welcome to contact the owners in advance and request an order.

You'll also find a stand on the mainland at the long-term parking lot in Snaptun (Snaptunvej 69).


Experiences on Hjarnø

Hjarnø offers easily accessible island atmosphere, just five minutes by boat from the mainland, and is rich in both history and beautiful nature. On this page, you can find inspiration for experiences on Hjarnø.