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The Hjarnø Treasure Hunt

Follow in the footsteps of Viking kings, gold diggers, and friendly islanders on this delightful treasure hunt. Board the Hjarnø Ferry and embark on an exciting island voyage with your family by your side.

Your very own island adventure

Hjarnø is a small island in Horsens Fjord with an exciting history. In ancient times, fierce Vikings inhabited the island. Today, however, the islanders are super friendly and will gladly welcome you if you hop on the Hjarnø ferry and come ashore. With a treasure map in hand, you can explore the island while learning a lot of new things. And most importantly, you can take home the coveted Hjarnø medal as a souvenir and proof of your accomplishment.

Just follow the treasure map around the island and answer the questions along your way. I'm happy to share my only copy with you.

You can look forward to quite an adventure. The journey is 5 kilometers long. But you're brave, so it's an easy task for a treasure hunter like you. Along the way, you'll answer a series of questions about what you see on your path. Hjarnø is a small island, but if you have trouble finding your way, you can follow this digital treasure map. Parts of the route around the island go along the beach and through grass, so be aware that you cannot bring a stroller, pram, or wheelchair for the entire trip.


How it works

1: Print a treasure map from home (you can print one here).

2: Hop on the Hjarnø ferry. It departs more than 30 times a day, and you don't need to buy a ticket in advance. Just show up at the harbor in Snaptun.

3: Find all the points on the map and answer the questions (remember to bring writing utensils).

4: Hand in the treasure map at Hjarnø Camping and get a custom-made medal to take home.

5: We'd love to see how your trip went! Use #jeggikhjarnørundt and @kystlandet on Instagram, and we'll share your story.


Inspiration for your trip to Hjarnø

Hjarnø offers easily accessible island vibes, quite close to the coast. The ferry ride from Snaptun takes only 5 minutes and runs non-stop all day. On this page, you can find inspiration for experiences on Hjarnø.


One out of 7 medals

As if the treasure hunt on Hjarnø wasn't enough on its own, there's much more adventure ahead. In fact, there are a total of 7 treasure hunts in Kystlandet. You can embark on another island voyage to Tunø or set out on treasure hunts in some of Kystlandet's cities: Horsens, Odder, Juelsminde, and Brædstrup. Wouldn't it be awesome to have all 7 medals?