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Hiking Trails in Halkær

Explore the northern Himmerland on foot or by bike with 6 different routes in the area around Halkær.

In the northern Himmerland lies the beautiful natural area of Halkær Ådal, which offers 6 hiking trails of varying lengths that can be combined as needed. Here, you can experience forests, wildflowers, and lakes. The routes are suitable for hiking, cycling, and running and are also suitable for both children and adults, so everyone can join in.


Route 1: Halkær Bredning Rundt

Strap on your hiking boots and embark on a hike along Halkær Bredning Rundt, which stretches over 17 km. This route will take you through the beautiful surroundings around Halkær Bredning, and you will pass through Halkær, Sebbersund, and Skærbæk. There is also ample opportunity to observe birds, so don't forget your binoculars.


Route 2: Halkær Banestien Nord - Blue Route

This hiking trail stretches over 4 km and offers an easy hike through forested areas and open landscapes. Most of the route is paved, making it suitable for both cycling and running.


Route 3: Halkær Cultural Historical Route

This route, spanning 3.9 km, allows you to enjoy the beautiful views over Halkær Sø from the top of the hilly terrain. Along the way, you will also pass by Halkær Mølle Naturcenter, where you can visit the exhibition or take a well-deserved break in the nearby picnic house.


Route 4: Halkær - Yellow Route

On this 2.4 km long hiking trail, you will also pass by Halkær Mølle Naturcenter, where you can make a stop and experience the history in the exhibition, or enjoy your lunch in the picnic house. The route continues through a wooded area, where you may be lucky enough to spot hares and pheasants.


Route 5: Halkær Village Common and Hammel Hills – Red Route

This 2.1 km long hiking trail starts and ends at Halkær Kro. The route takes you through the wooded landscape, the Village Common, and their shared kitchen garden. You will also pass by Hammel Hills, two historic burial mounds worth experiencing.


Route 6: Ejdrup and Surroundings – Orange Route

The orange route stretches over 6.4 km and takes you through the scenic areas around Ejdrup and its surroundings. Along the way, the route leads you through the beautiful landscape, where you can enjoy views of open fields as far as the eye can see. The hiking trail begins and ends at the church, where parking facilities are also available.